Spa Rituals

These Spa Rituals are a decadent experience for the entire body.

Artisan inspired exquisite full body Spa Rituals combining healing, rejuvenation and relaxation through the ancient principles of Aromatherapy, Massage, Phytotherapy and Pelotherapy.

Spa Body Wraps - 90 min


Purifying Marine Body Wrap

Deeply detoxifying targeting cellulite, skin tone and texture

A deeply detoxifying body treatment designed to combat congested, uneven and cellulite prone skin. Begin with a lemongrass crème walnut smoothing exfoliation, followed by a stimulating blue volcanic clay cocoon infused with active marine extracts, cypress and grapefruit.

Once removed this revitalising treatment is complete with a replenishing full body hydration treatment.

Organic Honey and Cocoa Body Wrap

Deeply emollient for dry, sensitive and sun kissed skin. Safe for use during pregnancy

Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation ritual. Begin with a papaya crème and walnut smoothing exfoliation, followed by a French clay cocoon of rich cocoa and organic honey steeped in vanilla crème masque.

Once removed this sensory journey is complete with a full body hazelnut and vanilla bean hydration treatment.

Spiced Chai and Green Tea Body Wrap

Warming, strengthening and fortifying.

Begin with a vanilla bean crème body exfoliation followed by a stimulating cocoon of mineral rich pure French clay peppered with a traditional infusion of fragrant Indian spices steeped in green tea crème to tone, revitalise and support the skin. Warming notes of star anise, cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom strengthen tone and rejuvenate, while pure plant oils deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

Finish with lashings of vanilla bean and shea butter whipped into a delicious hydrating moisturiser to rejuvenate, tone and renew.

Infused Sugar Smoothers - 75 min

A deeply exfoliating spa ritual to create smooth silky skin.


Vanilla Bean

Nourishing, toning and enriching

Lemon Grass

Revitalising, hydrating and stimulating

Pink Champagne

Replenishing, hydrating and smoothing

Hands and Feet Spa Rituals - 60 min


Moroccan Rose and Hand Treatment

Replenish beautiful hands and nails.

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with an essential oil steeped hand soak followed by a raspberry crème and walnut smoothing exfoliation.

A rejuvenating hand massage is infused with a cocoa butter and French clay masque. This luxurious treatment includes a professional manicure and finishes with an exotic moisture boost rich in guava, Moroccan rose and vitamins.

With shellac upgrade

Botanical Barefoot Indulgence

Deeply emollient for dry, sensitive and sun kissed skin. (Safe for use during pregnancy).

Using the ancient techniques of massage, aromatherapy and pure essential botanicals this aromatic foot treatment relieves stress and tension while enhancing relaxation and general well being, leaving feet smooth enough to kiss! Feet and legs will be treated to an essential oil steeped foot soak, bamboo and pineapple exfoliation followed by a stimulating clay masque. This decadent treatment includes a professional pedicure and finishes with a rich spearmint and ginkgo foot treatment.

Shellac upgrade avsailable

Clove Day Spa Enhancements

The perfect addition to your massage, facial or body treatment.

White Tea Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment - 15 min
Spearmint and Gingko Foot Ceremony - 15 min
Moroccan Rose and Guava Hand Ritual - 15 min
Orange and Blackberry Hair Masque Treatment - 15 min

Not available individually.

Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate at Clove Day Spa!